«Belgosstrakh» is the leading governmental insurance company in Belarus. In 2021 the company «Belgosstrach» celebrates its 100 anniversary. By that time the company should be represented in a modern up-to-date way. A new unique and innovative communication platform “Protecting happiness” was developed especially for this occasion .


We were faced with the task to implement the concept of “Protecting happiness” in a complex of communication products, that consists of 12 stories. The storylines reflect the most important aspects of human life.  


In order to convey the main values “Belgosstrach” turned to engraving graphics, used at the production of securities. The illustrations were created by means of transforming two-dimensional engravings to three-dimensional objects.

Clients: «Belgosstrach».

Agency: NEF\TBWA.

CG-production: Asterman.

Music and Sound design: ToneTwins.


Four storylines were transformed into 30-second videos:

A big beautiful calendar was created using 12 graphic illustrations:

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