«Bonsticks-5»: “Eurotorg” Trade Holding is one of the largest food market operators in the Republic of Belarus. Promotions held by the holding are emotional, interesting, and educational. The new collection “Bonsticks-5” is the characters that were taken from Belarusian myths and legends.

To create a promotional game for the new “Bonsticks 5” collection. The game should be fun and created in the general promotion style “Bonsticks 5” in order to attract customers.

The game is similar to Bubble Shooter, where the purpose is to burst or knock out groups of the same color balls. The game consists of 95 levels with 5 main characters. The educational principle of the game is that it is based on a journey through the motherland which reveals the secrets of the Bonstiks-5 characters, who are part of Belarusian folk culture.
An exciting educational game the Bonsticks-5 collection:

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