Character image modelling.

To make clothes according to the references provided.
We need to do modeling, texturing, rigs and lods. The characters will be used for promotional materials and games.

The Asterman team started with the development of a highly polygonal model for sadbiv. After the approval stage with the customer, we started with the textures. PBR textures and textures with baked light (anlit) were made for these models.
After agreeing on the model and textures, we started manufacturing game lots 2 and 3 for 8000 and 2000 triangles, respectively.
Next, we made a rig in order for the manufactured clothes to move along with the avatar of the character.
The final stage was the preparation of the archive for transfer to the customer.

As a result, we gave the customer registered clothing models with textures for promotional materials (a highly polygonal model) and lods for the game.

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