Creating Visual content of Greece at the Eurovision 2021.

Ilias Kozas

Greece – Eurovision 2021

Our role was to design and produce the visual content that complemented Greece’s mesmerizing performance during the second semi-final and final of Eurovision 2021. The objective was to create a visual spectacle that would captivate the global audience, enhancing the emotional impact of the song and securing Greece’s position as a standout contestant.

We collaborated closely with the Greek delegation, including the singer and their creative team, to understand their vision and the essence of the song’s message. The creative direction centered on celebrating Greece’s rich cultural heritage, infusing the performance with vibrant visuals.

Greece’s captivating performance, enhanced by our visually compelling content, secured a remarkable 10th place in the Eurovision 2021 final with 170 points. The audience’s emotional connection to the performance was evident, as Greece received 184 points in the semi-final. Our collaboration with the Greek delegation proved to be a success, garnering praise from both the Eurovision judges and the global viewership.

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