Drawlab Entertainment, a Greek company, is the largest publisher of board games. The main focus of the company is on creating unique experiences aimed at high quality and innovative gameplay ideas.

The Asterman Artists were tasked with creating authentic illustrations for the Mystic Scrolls game. Mystic Scrolls is a real-time dice game, where each player is a wizard trying to cast as many spells as possible to capture the mystical knowledge of the hidden scrolls.

Each graphic unit had linear sketches and rendering options, which allowed us to choose the best composition and rendering version. 

Our artists have created 22 “mystical” card illustrations, which create the necessary magical impression.
Don’t forget to cast spells in order to unlock the secrets of the mystical cards:


The Mystic scrolls project has been successfully completed on Kickstarter platform.

We thank DRAWLAB for the opportunity to work on such an interesting and creative project. Join the MysticScrolls project.

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