The Weinberg Projection Project.


Our task was to design and execute the breathtaking projection mapping that would gracefully intertwine with the live orchestra performance. The challenge lay in crafting visuals that would enhance the musical journey without overshadowing the musicians.

Collaborating closely with the Philharmonic’s artistic directors and musicians, we delved deep into the soul of each musical composition to understand its emotional essence.
Our team meticulously aligned the visual projections with the musical compositions.
The challenge of projection mapping on the dynamic projection grid was met with technical precision. Our skilled technicians meticulously mapped the visual content to the grid, aligning it precisely with the orchestra’s movements. The result was a seamless integration of visuals and live performance.

The Philharmonic’s performances enriched with our projection mapping received resounding acclaim. The Weinberg Projection Project became a defining feature of the Philharmonic’s performances, drawing crowds and leaving a lasting impression on all who witnessed this fusion of art forms.

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