Asterman is engaged in the production of animation, illustration and AR / VR mobile games for advertising projects, games and events. We work with advertising, creative agencies, directors and artists. We carry out work from idea to project support.

For the international marketing and advertising festival “White Square”, our team made bumpers for the contest and for nominations with concept of “white on white”.


We were to create 11 general contest bumpers and 20 bumpers for nominations with the concept “white on white”. It was important to find such a form of presentation that would transform the main idea of the festival, creativity, through the image of the White Square festival.


The key object of all the bumpers (the main character) is the cube, which, depending on the category, plays a different role and gets into different spaces. It can grow, transform into new forms, break into many objects, change its color, size and material.

The main accent is the color. The starting frame was a white space, where our main character gets into and transforms it for itself, changes the environment with color and finishes it.

The final frame becomes some particular kind of space and an object, where the transformation is taking place. And that’s the capital letter itself. As a result, more than thirty 3D videos were created in the space of two weeks.


Association of Communication and Marketing Agencies (AKMA) represented by Alena Ustinovich

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