Creating a CG video.

JVL company is a fully-integrated engineering gaming and amusement game manufacturer.

Create a CG video that will show extra winnings.
The challenge was also to create the video that stood out from the competition and left a lasting impression on their audience.

To achieve this goal, our team at Asterman LT crafted a comprehensive plan, infusing creativity and cutting-edge technology into every stage of the process.
At the beginning, we started developing concepts. Collaborating closely with the client, we crafted a compelling narrative.
With the storyline in place, our team of artists set out to design and produce a visual spectacle. Each asset was carefully sculpted and textured.
Next, we started reviving the video animation. To create the necessary atmosphere, our lighting and shading experts skillfully enhanced every scene. The interplay of light and shadow brush depth to the visuals, making the gaming world come alive with realism.
The next step, our team carefully outlined each frame to achieve impeccable clarity and detail.
The finishing touches were added during the post-production phase. Sound effects, music, and visual effects were together to create an immersive audio-visual experience.

Combining creativity and technology, we made a CG video that helped the client achieve new successes.

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