Animation solution for the festival nominations.

White square festival is one of the largest international creativity festivals in Europe.

White Square Festival, sought to create an awe-inspiring visual solution for their advertising campaign.
The challenge was to design an animation solution that would represent the essence of the festival while serving as a foundational symbol for various nominations.

The Asterman LT team devised a comprehensive approach, combining innovation and artistic finesse to craft an unforgettable animation solution.
Our journey began with an immersive exploration of moodboards and conceptualization. We delved deep into the festival’s theme and spirit, absorbing its essence.
With the festival’s identity at the heart of the project, our talented artists crafted captivating environments, and striking visual elements that would become the building blocks of our animation.
The heart of the project lay in animation. We animated the festival’s emblematic elements, infusing each frame with energy and dynamism.
To evoke a sense of enchantment and excitement, our experts have worked at the art of lighting and composing. The interplay of light and shadow accentuated the visual impact.

The animation solution proved to be a success for the White Square Festival. Launched on digital platforms and in festival nominations, the animation served as a beacon of inspiration, resonating with both artists and attendees alike, garnering immense appreciation and engagement.

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