Teleport Mapping – Projection with the VR Park mascot.

The Asterman LT team was entrusted with the exciting project of creating a projection in a cafe within a VR park. The goal was to feature the VR park’s main mascot, a lovable robot, in the projection show. The challenge was to ensure that the projection was appealing and well-readable for both children and adults, which required careful consideration of perspective reduction.

Understanding the importance of appealing to all age groups, our designers crafted visuals that struck the perfect balance between perspective reduction and maintaining a captivating experience for both children and adults. The goal was to make the projection engaging and easily relatable to all visitors, regardless of their age.
To complete the project, we set up a demo stage in our office. This allowed us to experiment with various camera tilts, lighting effects, and visual elements, fine-tuning every aspect until we achieved the desired impact.
Then our team developed the concept of a plot centered around the park’s favorite mascot – the robot.
Drawing from our technical expertise, we incorporated innovative visual effects to elevate the projection experience. Lighting and motion were seamlessly integrated, breathing life into the robot’s world and captivating the audience’s imagination.

The Teleport Mapping projection in the VR park’s cafe premiered to resounding success, enchanting visitors of all ages. The robot’s adventure held audiences spellbound, with children and adults alike marveling at the intricacies and immersive storytelling. The projection became a centerpiece of the VR park experience, leaving an indelible memory for all who witnessed the enchanting journey.

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